Neatrition (Shandong) Technology Co., Ltd. won the second prize of the sixth Shandong Entrepreneurship Competition of "Qilu Bank Cup"

 News     |      2022-07-22 10:22:57

June 22 - June 24, Jointly organized by Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and other 11 departments, with the theme of "Creating a New era and realizing the Chinese Dream", the 5th "China Chuangyi" Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition and the 6th "Qilu Bank Cup" finals and award ceremony of Shandong Provincial Entrepreneurship Competition were successfully held in the 1200 square studio hall of Shandong Radio and Television Station. Neatrition (Shandong) Technology Co., Ltd. won the second prize of the Manufacturing project team with the project of "Research and Development and application of supersparse nanomaterials".




With the theme of "Creating a New era and realizing the Chinese Dream", and promoting "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" as the core, the competition aims to implement the spirit of "encouraging entrepreneurship and driving employment" at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the national strategy of innovation-driven development, employment priority and talent strengthening, create an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, and cultivate the awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship. With innovation leading entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship driving employment, and helping poverty alleviation as important evaluation indicators, the social value of the participating projects and the social contribution of entrepreneurs will be highlighted.

This entrepreneurship competition, set up 25 sub-divisions, a total of manufacturing main competition, service main competition, youth creative special competition, overseas students special competition, rural revitalization special competition, labor brand special competition, entrepreneurship mentor special competition and other 7 competition groups. More than 2,800 entrepreneurial teams (projects and mentors) from all over the province participated in the competition, and the projects covered many fields such as new materials, modern agriculture, and domestic service, and 275 projects and mentors entered the provincial semifinals. After the rematch review, our company entered the provincial finals as a new material for manufacturing.