We are the innovators and leaders of the superhydrophobic industrialization

What is superhydrophobic technology


When the contact angle of water on the surface of the object is greater than 90 degrees, it is a hydrophobic surface; when greater than 150 degrees, it is a superhydrophobic surface. The lotus leaf has superhydrophobic properties, showing the characteristics of "growing out of the sludge without stains". Water will quickly converge and roll down from the surface of lotus leaf, and take away the dust on the surface. So the surface can always keep clean under natural conditions. Therefore, superhydrophobic technology is also called the bionic lotus leaf technology!

FIG. 1. Self-cleaning principle of lotus leaf (a) Lotus leaf surface in nature (b) micrograph of lotus leaf surface (c) superhydrophobic principle of lotus leaf surface

Schematic diagram (d) Schematic diagram of self-cleaning principle of lotus leaf surface

The status of superhydrophobic technology:

1. Superhydrophobic technology has been studied for over 30 years. It is not the latest technology. Because the key surface structure is very fragile, it is extremely vulnerable to damege from the external environment. Therefore, there were always defects in usability and stability. Before the Neatrition, there were no truly industrialized superhydrophobic prducts in the world that could solve: 1) Large-scale production; 2) Weather resistance problem. 

2. Second, the traditional bionic lotus leaf technology has technical defects and cannot really solve the problems. A new 3D structure needs to be constructed.        

Neatrition's revolutionary technology products come from the unremitting efforts of the R & D team for more than 7 years. 

With superhydrophobic technology, Neatrition has developed three generations of technologies, such as super self-cleaning, super fluid and anticorrosive material. Now they all have been produced in large scale and applied in batches. We will continue to improve the application of our products with diversity and multi-domain, and always maintain the role of innovator and leader in the superhydrophobic technology industry!