New energy solutions


Scheme 1: Wind turbine blade application

Product Introduction:


Neatrition Superself-cleaning material is a coating with super hydrophobic and oil phobic properties. The use of unique nanotechnology on the surface of the object to form a layer of air protection can prevent water, oil and other liquids erosion. This feature allows the surface of the object to achieve "no cleaning", which is a truly revolutionary new type of coating.

Blade dust prevention:

VCG211260190649.jpg  VCG211282731764.jpg  VCG21gic17065432.jpg

The surface of the Neatrition super self-cleaning material has the characteristics of "silt without staining", and the water dripping on the surface of the fan blade will quickly converge and roll down, while taking away the dust on the surface, making the surface always clean under natural conditions, and solving the problems of wind power generation, such as difficult to clean, high cost, and anti-icing.

Solution 2: Photovoltaic "no cleaning"


Dust comparison:


Snow protection comparison: