Warmly welcome Tsinghua x-lab teachers and students to visit Neatrition

 News     |      2023-05-19 09:32:46

Founded in 2013, Tsinghua x-lab is Tsinghua University's public welfare and open education platform for the discovery and training of creative, innovative and entrepreneurial talents. Rooted in the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, and jointly built by 15 departments and departments, through the three links of education, cultivation and ecological construction, Tsinghua University has established an effective creative innovation and entrepreneurship education system, serving all teachers, students and alumni of Tsinghua University, providing innovative and entrepreneurial talents for the country, and supporting the realization of the national innovation-driven development strategy.

On the afternoon of April 13, 2023, Tsinghua x-lab organized more than 10 teachers, students and alumni to visit Beijing Neatrition Technology Co., LTD., the gold team of the first Tsinghua University "President's Cup" Innovation Challenge Competition.


    Product introduction and demonstration



Xiao Pengfei, the founder of easy Star, first introduced the principle and performance of the product, including architectural paint, aldehyde discoloration ball, aldehyde spray, antibacterial anti-fog glasses cloth, and super anti-bacteria, waterproof, dustproof, snow and oil proof functions, Xiao also gave a live demonstration for everyone.

Subsequently, the Neatrition team had an in-depth dialogue and exchange with the Tsinghua x-lab visiting team.

      In the dialogue session, we actively put forward their own want to communicate with Xiao general questions, involving market direction, company positioning, partners, customer sources, technology development and support, entrepreneurial opportunities and experience, production conditions and scale, product quality control, etc., Xiao General also made a detailed response to each question.


Finally, combined with his own entrepreneurial journey, Xiao put forward three suggestions for students who are ready to start a business at school:

One is to ensure good health and strengthen physical fitness;

The second is to have professional expertise, seize the core advantages;

Third, we should be good at using relevant resources, such as alumni and Tsinghua x-lab platform.

Compared with other entrepreneurs, the biggest advantage of student entrepreneurship is young, I hope that student entrepreneurs can make full use of this capital, maintain a good attitude, and persevere.

After the exchange, Tsinghua x-lab teachers presented Neatrition with a "decorative painting of the Second Gate of Tsinghua University" to congratulate her.