Rail transit solutions

Carbon neutral rail transit for "clean free" trains

Product Introduction:

1. Super self-cleaning nanomaterials

The research and application of vehicle self-cleaning supernanomaterials can solve the problems of long-term pollution of vehicle body, dirty painted glass, affecting image, frequent cleaning waste and pollution of water resources and manpower. Truly let rail transit vehicles achieve "no-cleaning", to save water resources to achieve the national goal of carbon neutrality.

The super-self-cleaning material adopts cutting-edge nanotechnology such as biomimetic micro-nano structure technology and silicon nanobridge technology, and the material is sprayed on the surface of the car body to achieve the characteristics of "silt without staining", which plays the role of free cleaning and maintenance. The material is suitable for various types of rail vehicle body surfaces.


2, glass invisible protective agent

Neatrition glass stealth protective agent, the main principle is to form a layer of invisible protective coating on the glass surface, the coating and the glass surface can form a strong chemical bond, so that the glass surface has a strong hydrophobic and easy to clean performance. After the protective film is formed, the water droplets will slide or be blown away by the wind, which can provide a clearer vision when driving in rainy days, greatly reducing the possibility of a car accident in rainy days. Ordinary glass in the case of rainy days, water droplets will spread on the surface, forming water droplets, thus forming a water curtain, thereby obstructing the line of sight. After the easy clean star glass invisible protective agent treatment of glass, in the case of rainy days, water droplets can not spread on the surface of the glass, so as to flow down into strands, to ensure that the line of sight is clear.

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